What is BizVisionary?

BizVisionary is a marketing firm offering graphic design services and brand development for your company. We design logos and develop promotional materials for entrepreneurs looking to reach more customers in more meaningful ways.

Why Choose BizVisionary?

When partnering with BizVisionary you are included in the creative process. We get to know you, your industry and your customers; helping you to tell your story in a way that will make your customers want to listen. When you are supported by an authentic and memorable brand you are perceived as more legitimate, more knowledgeable and, therefore, WORTH MORE in the eyes of your customers.

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Better Businesses by Design

We will personally collaborate with you to create a custom image that resonates with your target audience. A quality brand is all about adding an inviting look and feel to your company that allows your organization's core values to shine through in all the ways you communicate with the world.

Let's work to uncover ways your organization can represent something bigger than just your products, then illustrate and portray your story and messages in the most alluring way.

Your Logo, Your Handshake

Our custom logos include supplementary design elements, typefaces, and color guides so that you can be on your way to having something more than a logo; a consistent and cohesive image that can be used in all of your marketing and promotion efforts. Every line, color, font style, texture and shape used to create your trademark will have a purpose and meaning.

You will be included in the creative process while we create and revise many different designs for you to choose from. When finished, your logo will be reflective of your company's core values, differentiated, recognizable and visually appealing to the eye.

Make an Impression

Graphic design entails more than just artistic ability. Quality graphic design services include marketing and advertising foresight, listening, and empathizing in order to understand a vision, then taking that vision and portraying it through thoughtful placement of specific design elements. The manner in which you communicate with your clients is changing. The look and feel of your company must be unique, and captivating to stand out among the ads and spam we all deal with everyday.

It's never too late to redefine your company’s image and change the way you are perceived by those you are trying to reach.

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What is Your Vision?

Being passionate about what you do and having a vision for success is only part of the battle. Expressing that vision efficiently and effectively is an important task that successful organizations accomplish and struggling ones overlook. How you define your company will determine what kind of (and how many) clients you draw.

It's time to uncover something more than just a product that you can offer and create a story that your customers will want to engage with.

The Process

Creating the look and feel of your company is a process that involves conceptual thinking, revisions, and lots of communication. Every project starts with an initial consultation where we work to understand your company, your competition, and your target audience. Together we determine the best strategy to express your brand and your messages. Through e-mail revisions, phone conferences and meetings we work to develop a look that stays true to your brand with messages designed to appeal to your target audience.

Express Your Vision

We strive to not only understand your needs, but the needs of your customers. It's not just about creating cool graphics and packaging for any and every idea or product. We also offer a professional perspective on how your business could be portrayed to the world.
There is a way for you to reach more customers in more meaningful ways. Let’s work together to define your messages and express them the best way possible, with free consultations and hands on brand-building experiences.

Define Your Brand

BizVisionary's Brand Development Workshop is a condensed handbook that points the mirror at yourself and your organization to find out what makes your brand special. If you are ready to start promoting your business in more effective ways but don't know where to start, this is the perfect tool for you. You'll find a systemized and easy-to-follow way to build your reputation in order to draw more customers.

Redefine Your Brand

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First define your brand then promote your products and services. Print the Brand Development Workshop, fill in the blanks and do the exercises yourself!

Let's Create Something!

If you take pride in what you offer, we want to work with you. If you have a vision for what your company can represent, or even a desire to have one, we want to be on your team. We take pride in including you in the creative process. We will present well thought-out concepts and listen to your feedback. You know your customers and we know how to reach them.

With your contact information we will be able to set up a phone conference, or a meeting where we can answer any questions you have, and get you on your way to expressing your messages.